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Alfredo de la María

Alfredo de la María was born in 1945 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He studied art in the parallel architecture of the Bellas Artes School in Montevideo. At the age of 18 he had already been an illustrator of political events and sports events at the important Montevideo newspaper.

In 1961, he had his first exhibition on the topic of riding horses in Punta del Este City. His studies of gender are legendary in Uruguay. In 1966, he went to Paris where he found inspiration with artists such as Claude Monet in Joaquin Sorolla, and among other authors, especially painters of impressionism in historical realism. After three years he returned to Montevideo for a short time then went to Argentina, where he became the main illustrator for the cover page of the largest newspaper in Buenos Aires. There he discovered the world of automotive art. In 1989 he had his first exhibition at the classic car club in Buenos Aires. He quickly became famous around the world for his great talent in the mastery of oil painting.

He successfully combines scenes of dramatic reality, movement, racing with transfer speed, historical precision in emotions with other effects that are present on the wonderful settings of the combination of realms in the vivid details of Impressionism. Many of them, due to the artistic atmosphere, are considered to be the best car painter in the world.

His works have been exhibited in all of the most important automotive exhibitions, such as Pebble Beach in California, Retromobile in Paris, Technoclassica in Essen, Autoclassica in San Isidro,Buenos Aires ...

He has created wonderful pieces of art and attracted numerous collectors of automotive, historical, equestrian images, aviation and maritime scenes from around the world.

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