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Carlo Demand

He was born in November 1921 in Frankfurt, the German mother and the French father. His interest in art was revealed in the early years - there is his sketch when he was 6 years old, the drawings included cars, scenery, cowboys and Indians and portraits of the family.

His uncle was supplying him with cars for sketching and driving him to automobile and aviation fairs. In his teens he was enrolled at the prestigious Staedel Academy of Arts in Frankfurt, where he spent 5 years. His first published image was the Mercedes W-154 Grand Prix, charcoal for the Frankfurt newspaper in 1938.

It followed the Second World War, served in the German army, later joined the Allies and ended the war in the French army (it was of Alsatian origin). He returned to Frankfurt in 1946.

Carlo worked and painted 10 to 14 hours a day, in 1991 he retired and moved to the United States. He has published several books, the most popular books are Air Conquerors - Evolution of Aircraft 1903-1945 and Great Race 1955, where he illustrated the history of automotive games from 1894 to 1955 and made 128 images with charcoal.

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