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Edith Wahl

Born in Lower Austria, she has been married in Mühlacker near Pforzheim for 11 years now. In her Wachau hometown of Krems in 1971 she completed her studies at the Pedagogical Academy. Subsequently, she followed the call to the federal capital of Vienna, where she worked from 1971 to 1983 as an art teacher. In addition, she deepened her artistic practices in nude and portrait painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with H. Sielecky and Prof. Colnago.

 From the time the family was founded in 1984, she retired from teaching in Vienna and went to the Waldviertel (Lower Austria) because of her family, where she found creative calm in her search for her independence. Many assignments followed (especially portraits) and she directed folk high school courses in watercolor painting. At her first solo exhibition "Streiflichter 1" in 1992 she made the breakthrough with 18 pictures sold. In parallel, she was commissioned to design 14 covers and illustrations for guitar books, all of which were published by the well-known music publisher "Universal Edition" Vienna / London.

 She was commissioned by Michael Korth for his book "Who is behind it?" to design the profile lines as advice for his 30 prominent personalities from the fields of art, science and literature. The book was published in 1992 by Verlag Eichborn

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